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Nusrat Jehan Academy

Nusrat Jehan Academy was established in 1987 as a Private English Medium School by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, it is the premier educational institute of the city. It is the property of Nasir Foundation and is directed by Nazarat Taleem of Sadr anjuman ahmadiyya.[1] It is also one of the leading schools in Rabwah.Collectively all three branches provide educational facilities from kindergarten to F.Sc. Co-education is strictly restricted and separate buildings for boys and girls and made. 99% of all students are Ahmadis while other 1% are non-ahmadi Muslims and Christians


It is divided into 3 campuses:-

Boys Section

It is also the main provides education to boys from grade 6 to 10 with O-levels.It is located in Darul rehmat right next to Aqsa Mosque.

Girls Section

The girls section provides education for boys and girl suntil the fifth grade after which the boys start attending the boys section.the girls continue their education in this campus until matriculation(with O-level).It is also located in Darul Rehmat next to the boys section.


It provides education for boys after matriculation until the 12th grade. It is located in Darul nasar.


Nusrat Jehan Academy offers two different sets of timings, for summer and winter. Fridays and Saturdays are general holidays.

Administration and Staff

Umar Farooq Ahmed is the principal of boys section.

Rashida Sohaib is the principal of girls section.

Jaleed Ahmed is the principal of BC.